STILL BREATHING: How to regain your life after being robbed.

Still Breathing: How to regain your life after being robbed. What a perfect title for this book. Joe Braxton’s story is an extremely powerful and courageous masterpiece about reclaiming the will to live. Joe leaves no stone unturned: vividly taking us on a journey of pain, caused by childhood sexual abuse to a life of self-love, priority, forgiveness, and purpose. Still Breathing is a welcomed addition to the mental health awareness arena. We need more voices like Joe’s to help others. Joe tells his story in a thoughtful, intelligent, and mature manner; so that anyone can relate. This book is perfect for anyone who currently finds themselves living a life of silence or has ever lived through this pain. It is also a great reference to use to learn the warning signs to help avoid the start or continuation of sexual abuse. 

"Still Breathing", is a journey through the eyes of Joe as a young man. During his journey, you will witness his life transformations as he struggles with the trials of regaining his life back. This book is an inspiration for all those feeling robbed of their life. It will inspire you to look deeply inside yourself, to discover your true inner peace. 

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