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Still Breathing: How to regain your life after being robbed. A self-help testimonial by Joe Braxton

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"The rawness, realness, pain, and honesty of Joe's story makes this a tremendously gripping read."

This moving memoir of a young Black male’s lifelong fight to identify and overcome depression offers an inspirational story of healing and emergence. Wrapped within Braxton’s engaging account of this universal affliction is rare and insightful testimony about what it means to be Black, male, and battling depression in a society that often idealizes Black men as strong, masculine providers. A startingly honest, elegantly rendered depiction of depression, Still Breathing: How to Regain Your Life After Being Robbed calls out to all men who suffer in silence with a life-affirming message of recovery. Joe Braxton rises from the pages, a true survivor, departing a world of darkness and reclaiming his life.

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